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Adding/Deleting/Modifying Startup Streams and Stream Files from the JAVA API


I have been using Wowza to interface with RTSP sources. One of the features I have made use of is startup streams and stream files. The stream files have the rtsp information in them, and they’re automatically connected to Wowza when the server boots up.

I am calling the Wowza REST API from another server to set up these files and startup streams, however I now have a need to dynamically modify these stream files and start up streams within our Java code in the Wowza server itself. Specifically if an rtsp source is detected no longer valid, I want to automatically delete it from our server using the Java server API, but I am not able to find an appropriate method to do so.

I was able to find the methods getStartupStreams and addStartupStream on page 2787 of this document:, but I don’t see a corresponding modify or delete API.

I was also not able to find any APIs to deal with stream files directly.

Are there any JAVA Server APIs to add/edit/delete the entries in [Wowza install dir]/conf/StartupStreams.xml as well as add/edit/delete the stream files in [Wowza install dir]/content?

Thanks very much,


I’ve done some work with this and use to write .stream files to the appropriate content directory for an application. I haven’t worked with auto-start APIs, though.

Hi Allan,

StartupStream objects that are added through the addStartupStream() method are only held in memory for the duration of the Wowza Server’s running time (wiped on restart). There is a stopStartupStreams() method, but this would stop all startup stream objects. It may be best to use the MediaCaster API to start and stop these streams in your code.