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I am using wowza. I want a Admin Pannel so that i can retreive the various reports. Reports mean how many user login in particular session, what is the user’s bandwidth during session.

Can i also record the session at server.

Read the Server Management Console and Monitoring chapter of the User’s Guide. It will explain the process to setup the JMX interface and how to use JConsole to monitor Wowza Pro.

You can record a stream at the server by using the live-record stream type. It is also covered in the User’s Guide. Or am I missing something?


It only requires that you setup this block of settings in [install-dir]/conf/Server.xml:

	<IpAddress>localhost</IpAddress> <!-- set to localhost or internal ip address if behind NAT -->
	<RMIServerHostName>localhost</RMIServerHostName> <!-- set to external ip address or domain name if behind NAT -->

Generally all you need to do is change Enable to true, IpAddress to the external ip address of your server and RMIServerHostName to the internal address of your server (if you are behind NAT these two address might be different). Be sure to open ports 8084 and 8085 to TCP traffic.

On the client side just install the JDK and JConsole will be in the bin directory of the installation location. The connection url will look like this:


Where [external-ip] is the external ip address of your server.

There are cases where this setup will not work properly. There is a chance the RMIServerHostName value needs to be the external address of the server. I have not figured out how to predict when this is the case.

Which bit of this do you feel is not properly covered in the managing and monitoring section of the User’s Guide?


Hi Charlie,

It might help to put a bit more information in the manual to help with the installation of JConsole:

“Most Java Runtime Environment (JRE or JVM) vendors require that you install the full Java Development Kit (JDK) to get the JConsole management and monitoring application. Please consult your vendor’s documentation.” Note: Using jconsole to monitor a local application is useful for development and prototyping, but is not recommended for production environments, because jconsole itself consumes significant system resources. Remote monitoring is recommended to isolate the jconsole application from the platform being monitored.

It would be good if you could post an example of how to setup and configure both Windows and *nix servers to be able to access Wowza using JConsole booth locally and remotely.

  • Neil