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Advise on integrating Wowza in Video Server solution & Need to develop muxer plugin

  • Detailed description of work request

    We are a company that have our own Video server solution to provide the link between the camera’s and the production company’s.

    More information about this can be found on our website.

    For a certain project we are in need for a solution that has multiple requirements:

    1. It should be able to restream the rtmp streams from the site where our video servers are located to a, yet undefined, number of production company’s around the globe.

    As our current product focuses mainly on local or to just 1 location, we are looking into the possibility to using the Wowza offering to fill our need for this restreaming.

    Our current train of thought is the Origin-Edge setup that is possible.


    We are talking about around 6 video + audio streams (10Mbps) and around 14 audio streams.

    An additional requirement is that the separate audio streams should be able to be muxed with the video streams when needed.

    These streams should NOT all be created on the main site, but as close to the end point as possible to save on bandwidth, which is limited on the local site.

    We gather that for this a new muxer plugin needs to be developed.


    Aside the offering to the production company’s, there will be an offering (live streams and vod) to end-users (mobile and browser based).

    This offering should NOT be handled by the local site, but by the remote servers.

    Preferably all transcoded video will be placed into a separate CDN (Akamai) after being handled by the Wowza servers.


    All of this needs to be as secure and protected possible using the various plugins offered by Wowza.

  • Operating System in use

    All our systems are running on an Windows 64-bit server enviroment.

    For the Wowza servers, performance and stability is key.

    We leave this up to recommendation.

  • Additional Software/Network/Integration requirements

    There is a need for 1 machine on the local site.

    All other machines should run on the Amazon AWS enviroment.

    Content delivery to end-users should be done via Akamai CDN, due to existing contracts.

  • Timescales/Delivery date

    We would like to receive proposals within the next 2 weeks.

    The project needs to be delivered by end of September.

    Two test phases will have to take place:

    1. Testing the transcoding/delivery setup

    2. Testing the transcoding/delivery setup with the muxing plugin in place

    As this is quite a complex project we are requesting that you can provide us with references of similar projects.


I see you already added me to your Skype contacts. Don’t hesitate to contact me there if you have any questions or want to discuss the case further. In the meantime, I’ll make sure I understand all aspects of your request and prepare a proposal.

Kind regards,

Karel Boek