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After recording ios native player not working.

Hello , I have two screen in my application one contains the list of video files from the wowza server and another one record the live, First time when i have List and if i click one of the item it play video.But as soon as i start the record form other screen and finished the record.i get the file in list view but not able to play any of the list file.The same problem i am facing on your gtihub demo project.(Note - if i dismiss the app and reopen it play video normally).

After finish the recording. if i try to play video from the list i am getting Gocoder log.i don’t know why am i getting this log in player view screen.

2019-07-25 11:17:02.216617+0530 Video Consent[4479:1870380] WowzaGoCoder: GoCoderBroadcastManager.m routeChangeReason : AVAudioSessionRouteChangeReasonCategoryChange

Sorry for your frustration. We need to have a better understanding of your workflow and need to see it. It looks like it is not recognizing the audio file suddenly.

But, It is not possible to diagnose without taking a closer look at your config and total logs. You can submit a support ticket and an iOS SDK engineer will take a look.

Hello Rose finally I got the solution there was a problem with your new SDK update. After reverting the SDK I did not get the problem in the player.