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Amazon Marketplace AMI and StreamLock Certificate


I have launched Wowza Streaming Engine using Amazon Marketplace AMI (Linux Paid) to get all biilling inside AWS. I am planned to use WebRTC streaming with autoscaling (Origin and edge servers) but it seems SSL has to be enabled at server based on the documentation.

It seems streamlock certificate doesn’t work in my case for dynamic scaling as well as billing will go to the wowza account instead of AWS.

Is there any proper guide to create custom SSL certificate and integrate it with Wowza Streaming Engine?

Hello @Mani_Kandan, I saw you posted this in our webrtc slack channel as well so I’ll share here the answer provided by @Karel_Boek, who is one of our Community Experts:

“You could use a wildcard cert (which you import in JKS) and add to your servers; then add an entry to your DNS (e.g. Route53) when you launch a new server.
NB! Be careful with auto-scaling and WebRTC; particularly in case of scaling-down because AWS may not be aware of active WebRTC connections on a server when selecting which VM to terminate when scaling down.”

Thank you @Rose_Power-Wowza_Com I will check and come back to you.

You can get StreamLock certificate through Wowza even if you’re using AWS. Here is the information you need to configure that with your Wowza account.