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Amazon S3 TransferManager not running

I have installed ModuleS3Upload from link and i have added below config.
Ticket : 542681 Standard | Engine: Amazon S3 TransferManager not running

Amazon s3 config :


Wowza Streaming Engine Version : 4.8.5 (build 20200616153358)
sdk : aws-java-sdk Version : 1.12.456

error / warning log

  1. ModuleS3Upload.startUpload problem starting or resuming upload: [live/streamer-1/629f053bd1f3856669468a03-video_49.mp4.upload] Amazon S3 TransferManager not running.

2)HTTPRequestAdapter.service : java.lang.NullPointerException|at

If you can restart Wowza Streaming Engine and gather the logs directory along with the conf directory and upload it to the support ticket this will expedite the response.
Wowza Support will get to the support ticket and then work with you on a resolution then.

Hello Alex,

Thank you for your reply .

I already created a ticket with the below ticket id and in that provided all details as you mentioned.
but still, I am waiting for a solution from the support team.
Ticket 542681