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Amino set-top box instructions (A130)

It is obviously some kind of firweall/routing issue, right? If it works with both devices in the same network then there is some type of network issue. SEe if the suggestions in this forum post help:

Also, be sure in ip tables you have opened up all UDP ports. Also be sure your firewall has UDP open. UDP is tricky to get setup properly.


Thank you Charlie.


Is it possible to use Wowza Media Server on a dedicated server (in the Cloud) to broadcast to Amino STBs over the internet or to users in different countries.

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I was wondering if you have an extra copy of Amino STBremoteconf tool???

If you do please get in touch.


Does Aminet 130 have linux inside ? If yes, do U have access to telnet or ssh ? Does Aminet 130 reconect to wowza server after stream fail (for example wowza server restart) … Can U setup to automaticaly open any stream after restart of amino box ?

Yes, it is Linux inside

Yes, you can telenet to the box

I think it will try to reconnect after failure

Yes, you can have it open a URL by default

We cannot directly support the internal workings of the Amino box. You will need to get that information from Amino.


Probably a UDP port issue. Wowza is not able to send UDP packets to the Amino box due to firewall blocking. Be sure that you have opened up all UDP ports to inbound and outbound traffic. Start there.


It sounds like you are using the wrong IP address in the RTP/RTSPBindIpAddress statement in Application.xml. If yoiu are behind NAT be sure this is the internal address of the network interface. The address should be one that shows up when you do a ifconfig.


Be sure to upgrade the Amino box to the latest version and be sure you are running Wowza 2.1.2.


Yes, it does work FMLE to Amino.


I would try the option to send the stream out over MPEG-TS using the RTPPusher. It is the better way to get going.


You need to get that from Amino support. I suggest you contact them directly. We cannot hand out their firmware.


Yes, it is possible. Just follow the instructions that are pointed to by the first post.


I don’t have one to test, but it is my understand that it has been tested and does work.


It seems like it was solved by a firmware update. Which you have to contact Amino for.


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Is the RTP streaming over TCP or UDP?

Just a reminder, if you want any software or support from Amino, you’ll more than likely need to execute an NDA (which, by the way, precludes you from sharing any of the software). Signing up for support with them is not an especially speedy process.

I tested this with Aminet130 firmware versions 0.16.7 , 0.15.2, and 0.11.21

My initial tests were with the older 0.11.21 Firmware, and to my surprise it came right up, but only lasted for 90 seconds. After modifying my configuration to change RTSPSessionTimeout from the default 90000 to 0 then the stream stays up just fine.

Later firmware versions 0.15.2 and above seem to keep the stream alive themselves by sending GET PARAMETER every 30 seconds, so the configuration change is not required.


Would someone test if its possible with the Amino to play a stream that requires a username and password? So the url would be something like;


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