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AMLST generate 404 when Medialist is empty


We are using a custom AMLST module to generate MultiBitrate Stream.
Something similar to

If the medialist return by the module is empty, Wowza will return an empty m3u8.

Is there a way to get a 404 HTTP Status and to override cache header set in the Vhost configuration ?

A 404 Error will prevent proxy server to cache the empty m3u8.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Stephane,

This has been addressed in ticket #228959, but I am posting the response here as well for others.

The following property should force Wowza to respond with an error 404 to HLS playback requests where the medialist returned by IMediaListProvider is null.

Under Root/Application/HTTPStreamer properties container, add:



Is param “cupertinoAllowNotFoundOnEmptyMediaList” work with custom AMLST module
in live stream app?

And what wowza version will work with this param?

Yes, it should work with AMLST modules as well. I have tested this on a 4.6.x and 4.7.x.