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android - chorme doesn't support rtsp after last chrome update.


My English ability is very poor. I’m sorry.

I use wowza, jwplayer 6.5.

after last week(udate chrome on android), I can’t service stream on android chrome using rtsp.

I can service on default internet browser on chrome.

You couldn’t see the vod on android chrome, but you can see on other devices or web or default browser on chorme.

How can I fix my problem?

waiting until chrome update?

Thanks for reading.


See if you can play the rtsp link on this page.

It’s possible that your file associations are not set up properly.

For instance if I click on the link above it takes you to a test page where you can click on an rtsp link to view video and audio playback.

Try that from your android device, see if the live video player starts.



If the stream was working with Android with Google Chrome prior to the Chrome update (which stopped it from working), it would suggest an issue with the Chrome update for Android which is out of our control.

Have you tried using Apple HLS link in the Google Chrome browser with your Android device to see if that works?

The JW player has a fallback for RTSP clients in one of the examples for RTMP and Apple HLS in the article below.

How to use JW Player with Wowza Streaming Engine



Thanks for your reply.

I can play all of vod in rtsp link on this page.

It play in multimedia player.

in my case, I want to display(and play) on html page on chrome in android device.

Do you see and play this page( in your android - chrome?

I can’t see and play.

just html display "Error loading player:

No playable sources found".

Thank you