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Android GoCoder DataEventListener not working

Hi Wowza,

I’m trying to implement an Android side event listener to receive message from Wowza Stream Engine. I followed the instruction on and implemented the example to receive a response using mWZBroadcast.registerDataEventListener(“onClientConnected”,newWOWZDataEvent.EventListener()…

But it does not work. Is this example listening to a default event already defined on the server side? If not, can you provide the server side implementation that triggers onClientConnected event?


Hi @Shuo Deng, I am looking into this for you and will respond shortly. Thanks for your patience.

Can you tell what version of the Android SDK you are using? This specific issue was fixed in the latest release which is 1.7.0 build 712.

Hi Rose,

Thank you for your response. I upgraded to 1.7 and it seems working when the GoCoder app is running in the player mode only. If I want the server to send data event to a GoCoder publisher, the sample app seems not working still.