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Android play video

For Android platform, I found some guidelines on

and videos on

On Mac, I work with Eclipse(simulator) + HTC WildFire

When I put in my code, movie play doesn’t work

href=“rtsp://” rel=“external”

Application Error: The protocol is not supported. (rtsp://

But this works

href=“” rel=“external”

Also, when I input to device’s browser


it works

Do you have any idea how to play movie from code on Android?


Are you using the Android emulator? We’ve had several people report that streaming doesn’t work on the emulator. My suspicion is that the emulator doesn’t emulate the H.264 hardware decoder that would be found on a hardware device.


Are you going over Wi-Fi or your carrier’s OTA network?

for what it’s worth, it comes up great on my Sprint EVO. So it looks like your Wowza configuration is good.

It works with the following MRLs:





Thanks Ian,

but I use my real phone: HTC WildFire connected via USB;

However, I get same error message on both the Eclipse’s emulator and real HTC WildFire

Any further help with debugging, please?


Thank you for your responses, Ian!

Have been trying to assemble simple video-playing example using jqtouch framework with appMobi on HTC Wildfire (Android), but no luck yet:


Can you share any guidelines, please? How to target movie properly?