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Android SDK zoom management


I’m trying to manage the zoom in my android app but no zoom is displayed in the camera preview and goCoderCameraView.getCamera().getPlatformDevice().getParameters().getZoom(); is always 0.

Any tutorial for this?


Checking for you…

Hi @DarthXander, I have confirmed that we do not yet support the Zoom function in the Android SDK and do not have an estimate on when we will. Sorry for any inconvenience.

About zoom management I implemented a solution with actual SDK.

I get my active camera using this code:

WOWZCamera[] cams = mySurfaceView.getCameras();

WOWZCamera activeCamera = null;

for (int camIndex = 0; camIndex < cams.length; camIndex++) {

WOWZCamera cam = cams[camIndex]; if (cam.getStatus().isRunning()) activeCamera = cam;


and then I update the zoom value using this code

Camera.Parameters camParams = activeCamera.getPlatformDevice().getParameters(); camParams.setZoom(newZoom);


This solution works ( activeCamera.getPlatformDevice().getParameters().setZoom( newZoom ) does not work).

The problem is that Camera.Parameters is deprecated so could you tell me if there is another way to obtain the same behavior using not deprecated classes?


Thanks for sharing what you were able to accomplish with setting up zoom yourself @DarthXander.

I’m happy to check on an alternative for that deprecated Camera.Parameters. I’ll respond when I have the info from my SDK team so I appreciate your patience since this is not something we support- it may take time to get the answer in the next 24 hrs.