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Android with wifi connected action cam (can pull RTSP) stream to wowza server

Hi, I have an android phone with wifi connected action cam. This cam will have designated RTSP address so we can pull the stream to the phone. At this time, I have no idea on how to re-stream (or push this stream) to WOWZA media server. Anyone has any experience on this? It is a well defined stream (no need to decode or transcode) but I just don’t know how this can be achieved. Maybe there is a built in function in GoCoder to do this in any way? One possibility is to stream it in the android and re-encode the stream and send it to the wowza server? Basically what we want is to live stream the action camera’s preview (or recording) to the clients by using gocoder and WOWZA media server (AWS). Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!

If the action cam is providing an RTSP stream for viewing, wouldn’t it be easier to stream the camera directly to Wowza? Why are you using the device as a proxy to Wowza?

What Tim is suggesting would be the easier way. Here are a couple of articles to get you started: