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Announcing: Real-Time Streaming at Scale! Sub-500ms delivery

We’re excited to introduce Real-Time Streaming at Scale, a new feature that ensures sub-500ms delivery to up to a million viewers.

Learn how this brand-new feature enables the sub-500ms streaming necessary for interactive experiences like auctions, esports, gambling, user-generated fan applications, one-to-many training, and user-generated content.


  • Sub-500ms live interactive streaming
  • Delivery to a million viewers
  • On-demand availability
  • Encoder agnostic, with flexibility to broadcast produced content through an encoder or architect a browser-based solution.
  • Globally available
  • Can be combined with Wowza Professional Services for additional customization

The new feature deploys WebRTC across a custom CDN to provide near-limitless scale.

To learn more about the features and benefits of Real-Time Streaming at Scale, including a demo from the Wowza engineers, click the link at the bottom of this page.

Real-Time Streaming at Scale Blog & Demo: