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Any free HTML5/Flash mp3 players that work with wowza?

I’ve gotten mp3s to stream using the Flash video player that ships with Wowza. It looks like it’s Flash-only, at least out of the box, so won’t work on mobile devices. Also, I’d like something I can configure to look more like a music player rather than the unused black screen of a video player.

My users don’t like the watermark in the free versions of JWPlayer and Flowplayer.

So what else is out there that works specifically for mp3s streamed from Wowza? Any that do HTML5 and fall back to Flash when needed? Just about all of the Wowza examples and documentation I’ve come across deal solely with video. I’m looking at JPlayer just now - it looks easy to use. But before I invest a lot of time, will it even work?

Some other questions:

  1. The form of the URL that works with the Flash player that ships with Wowza is http://[server url]:[port]/Music/mp3:sample.mp3/manifest.f4m. I haven’t gotten this to work with any of the other flash players I’ve tried. I don’t know if they understand the manifest part at the end, but if I leave it off I get a message that says “network error”. So I’m not sure what url to plug in for streaming mp3s. Do I have to use rtsp:// instead? If I plug the url rtsp://[server url]:[port]/Music/mp3:sample.mp3 into my browser then real audio pops up and it works fine. But I can’t get it to work in the flash players I’m testing.

  2. I’ve been reading that it’s absolutely impossible to stream mp3s to Android phones. Is this still the case? Do I have to create aac versions of all of my music files if I want to support Android?

Thanks for any advice. I’m totally new to this and I hope my questions make sense.



I don’t have a player recommendation at this time. As to your Android streaming with MP3 question, you are correct, streaming MP3 to Android is not possible. You must convert to an AAC format, which is a simple workflow when implementing the Wowza Transcoder AddOn.

I hope you find this helpful.


It is my understanding (I don’t have an Android device to test) that .mp3 files will stream to Android. The limitation, what doesn’t work, is .mp4 files with an mp3 audio track.

If you need the Transcoder, audio only transcoding is 1/10th regular billing, which would be $2 a month for one audio channel with the subscription license. Note that a source stream and rendition(s) may include video, but as long as the video track is set to PassThru it is billed as audio only.


Thanks Tim. I see there’s an audio-only transcoder option that’s supposed to be a lot cheaper. I couldn’t find a price anywhere though.