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Any nice load test solutions?

We set up the Wowza streaming engine on a 4 core server, 7g ram. We started redlining all four cores at around 100 connections and performance just got worse from there.

We have since upgraded the system to 12 cores and 24g of ram. I’d like to do a load test to get an idea of what the current configuration can handle.

Are there any popular load testing solutions people are using and not talking about on the forums? Which solution does Wowza’s development team use?

Hi @Francis_Meetze welcome to our Wowza community! :wave:

Yes, there is an industry standard and it’s Jmeter. Very reliable and your best bet. We have a full tutorial on how to configure it and test it out. You can find more info if you type load balance in the search bar in our Wowza docs page.

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