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API calling through php Script

Hello Guys,

I am php Developer and i tried so many ways to get this xml through php-curl process.but haven’t found proper solution so could you please let me know how do i call API in php such as on-demand video, audio,and IP-Cemera API directly through PHP Script.

I have also tried HTTP provider but unable to call wowza’s API directly.

Thank you

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Hi there,

Can you reach your Wowza server in a remote browser at this address:


You see Wowza version and build displayed in the browser. If not, and if Wowza is running, then you probably need to open TCP port 1935 on that server and/or map port 1935 to your Wowza server in your network, for example port-forwarding if a router. is a helpful resource.


You can “make an application” on demand by creating the appropriate folders and configuration file in applications/ and conf/ respectively. If you are looking to automate that, you could create an HTTP Provider to complete these operations (create folders etc) and then query it via your PHP script (i.e.


). As this will involve some custom code, we can provide you a consultants list if you make that request to our email.

If you are looking to obtain information regarding various streams, we have he built-in HTTP Providers that provide XML output of published streams and connections that you could parse the results.

You’ll notice the following urls for the providers:


If you’d like to extend these providers (for additional information), you can by downloading and modifying the source.

Hello Salvadore,

I have configured wowza with my local IP and i have found html like this :

Wowza Streaming Engine 4 Trial Edition (Expires: Nov 24, 2014) 4.0.3 build10989 Wowza Streaming Engine 4 Trial Edition (Expires: Nov 24, 2014) 4.0.3 build10989

when i used with remote Server access. I am not bit familar i want to make an application through php webservices for getting all on demanad ,IP-cemera and traffic monitoring API’s which is provided through wowza Server

Could you please help me how can i make an application like that. so i can directly access all those api through remote url

Thank You for Your Support

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