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is there an API REST to manage Wowza from my App remotely?

If yes, is this licensed with my server? Could I manage everything via API REST?

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Hello there. I see you posted to the find a consultant forum. Do you have a request for hired help that you need a consultant for, or was this posted to the wrong forum?

To answer your quest, as best I can. Please see this post by Lisa with instructions on how to request to be part of the Preview Program.

Thank you for your interest in the REST API. Take a look at How to access documentation for Wowza Streaming Engine REST APIs. At the bottom of the article is information on how to can request to be part of the Preview Program.


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Please check

How to license the REST API

Wowza Streaming Engine 4.1 enables you to fully control the Wowza media server using REST APIs via the the Try it out! buttons in the Swagger UI as a preview feature. To request a REST API license for this preview feature, send an email message to In your email message, please provide company and contact information and a brief description of how you’ll use the REST API. A Wowza representative will respond to your email message within two (2) business days.