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Apple HLS with AES-128 external encryption on non iOS devices

I tried to use Apple HLS with AES-128 external encryption.

It’s working fine on iOS and on Safari on Mac, but can’t play it in on Chrome (on Mac). I tried with JW Player 8 and with Wowza Player but without success.

And if i put the url of the playlist file on the hlh.js player :

I can see “Error while loading key…” in the error status field.

Do you have an idea why ?

AES encryption using this method is only applicable on devices that are compatible with Apple’s implementation of this encryption method. This is typically aimed at Apple iOS devices or browsers.

Does Wowza Player support AES-128 encryption?

A: Wowza Player doesn’t support AES-128 encryption, however, it does support SecureToken playback protection from Wowza Streaming Engine. For more information, see Protect streaming using SecureToken in Wowza Streaming Engine.

Regarding JW Player I saw this on their website:

Thank you but it doesn’t work with JW Player.

So, it’s working with Flowplayer 7.2.7 which use hls.js.

It’s very strange…

Sorry, but in fact it’s working, i made a mistake in the url for the key (https:/ and not https://).

So it’s working with JW Player too.