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Applicatin Hangs when we broadcast video after some time.

Hi In android the application activity hangs after few minutes of broadcasting . It doesnot end by calling endBroadcast .

Please help

What devices were you using for the test (model/versions), and what SDK build number? Do you get the same issue with the sample app?


I am also facing some issues with broadcast live stream using gocoder-sdk-android-build-0346-v1.0.1.

After finish broadcast,when close the camera sometime device is hanging for 8-10 sec and then again try to open camera for broadcast,it shows a black screen.Please have a look into this.

Hi Anu,

There is a known issue with this build when ending broadcast on some Android devices. A new release is being planned that addresses this issue. Please submit a ticket so that I can send it to you as soon as it goes through our QA.


Thanks Michelle ,

Will submit a ticket

Hi Michelle,

Thanks for your response.When we can expect the new release?

Hi Anu, we are expecting it to be available by next week, since it is going through QA. However, do note that we can’t guarantee a specific timeline.

Any news? It happens to me with a Nexus 5X (Android 8 and 7 as well) and a poor network connection. Doesn’t want to end after endBroadcast called. Noticed many network calls after and then nothing. Went from RUNNING to STOPPING but no more changes.

Do note that your scenario is slightly different than what was reported. If there is very limited bandwidth, your broadcaster is likely unable to keep up with the encoder, and is eventually causing the crash. This is being addressed in a new release, although I don’t have a timeline for it yet.


There is a new build of the GoCoder SDK Android available for download which should address the previous endBroadcast issue reported. Please make sure to download the latest build and test if you are getting the issue again.


we face same issue in Lg stylus 3 when we end broadcast stream. we are using latest sdk with 640*480 frame size and 15 fps frames in android.

How we can solve it. Please help us.

Thank you.