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Application context not loaded warning


After deleting an application, its stream url remains on many internet sites and this generates many connection requests when the application is gone. this generates many warnings of this type in the log file:

HTTPStreamerAdapterCupertinoStreamer.onPlaylist: Application context not loaded [appname/appname/chunklist_w1632747817.m3u8]: appname/definst

is there a way to avoid logging only this event, after an application has been deleted? because this, multiplied by many apps, generates very large log files.



Sorry for delay, we were closed for long US holiday weekend. I will find out how you can resolve this and be back soon @Stefano_Cavallini

Was this using a CDN by any chance? The playlist is maybe being cached in the CDN? Can you let us know? Thanks…

There isn’t an easy way to suppress these log messages. If it’s got a session id (this one does), then it’s not likely going through a cdn. Also means that the requests are probably coming from a single player. We do see these sometimes from set top boxes where it’s stayed connected. You might be able to block the requests in the firewall.

There are many options within the Log4J 2 framework where you could probably filter out these kinds of events, though I don’t have any examples off-hand. The following links should help any interested WSE administrators though

Hi Rose,

I have try to take a look at log4j2, but seems is possible filter out a group of events, and not this single event.