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Application Monitoring to every single Stream

Hello supporter,

monitoring with the new streaming engine manager is teriffic, but there is possibility to get, monitoring and statistics about each individual power?

And there should be no way, would it be possible to add this to the ToDo list to add this functionality?



Thanks for the feedback I will pass this information on to our backlog and this will be considered for future versions of Wowza Streaming Engine.




I stand corrected, you can view the connections to a single stream using Wowza Streaming Engine Manager if you navigate to

“Applications > [AppName] > Incoming Streams > [StreamName]”

This shows the total connections to a single stream and breaks down the connections by client type.

Total: 1

Adobe HDS: 0

Adobe RTMP: 1

Apple HLS: 0

Microsoft Smooth: 0



Stream Uptime

myStream1 up since 02 Jul 2014 03:11:45 PM

myStream2 up for about 2 minutes

Network Throughput

Bytes In: 9040811 @ 755.840 Kbits/s

Bytes Out: 1870682 @ 924.650 Kbits/s

Hope this helps.



Thanks for your answers, but i’ll wait for the next manager release.


As nimaca suggested, you can take a look at how to utilize the http providers here.

you can see the info in the connectioncounts. its not a perfect solution, but it gives you a first impression. im working on some code to get the info for an individual stream as wel as the complete serverinfo in php and using highcharts. havent finished it yet. so its not available, but will post it on the forum when its ready :wink: