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application.xml question

I have a wowza server on amazon, but i’m not sure what to fill in.

I have an S3 storage with videofiles on it.

the path to the files is


the /usr/local/WowzaMediaServer/conf/application.xml

I’m not sure about the storagedir.

In normal installations, for me it is :


but what do I need to put the to point it to the S3 storage?

is this correct ?


You need to use MediaCache to stream from S3. If you are using a pre-built Wowza EC2 AMI MediaCache is already installed and configured for use with an application named “vods3”. Otherwise you can install it yourself

For details on using MediaCache and the vods3 application, review the Wowza EC2 Guides, the 2nd group on this page:


You would use URL in the smooth player:



It is located at /home/wowza/conf/MediaCache.xml

Enter the AWS keys near the bottom. Restarting Wowza is necessary.


I already looked at that part.

We use a silverlight client on our website sto stream the video, I have this working on a 2008 server with wowza also on a 2008 server.

when I use the simplevideostreaming and put :

server : rtmp://*


stream : mp4:amazons3/videolibraryus/VIDEOLIBRARY/Mp4/9bad8e11-2da7-44ad-9e77-567320f6453c_a.mp4

it works, but now i have to get it working in my silverlight client.

This works good, thanks a lot !

the “public” files work, now i just have to turn authorization on.

Where is the “tuning/MediaCache.xml” located?