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Architecture and Implementation consultant needed

We’re looking for a partner to assist us with architecting a scalable, performant streaming solution to handle multiple inbound streams from Larix SDK-powered smartphone apps, which will then be consumed by a very small, access-controlled number of viewers. The streams shall be stored for later retrieval. Our timeline is immediate.


We can surely help with you in architect a solution to manage all the incoming live streams. Can you please send a mail to



Hi Shijil;

Your email doesn’t work. I’ve got an error message bound back.

Hi Shijil;

Can you please advice me the follow: - How to configure the wowza load balance by ISP? I’d like to set some load balancing server for an ISP. So all the user using internet from that ISP will be redirected to that LB.

  • How to configure the wowza load balancing serever to reach the limit then redirect to another LB? I’d like to have all the connections to a specific LB to reach the maximum limit before redirect to another LB.