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Architecture for streaming channel x in 2 environments

I have got a channel X obtained through our dishfarm. This channel has to run on 2 environments A and B

A should stream only 2 bit rates ( 480 , 576 ) for channel X

B should stream 144,240,360,480,720 ) for channel X

How do we achieve this ?

@vijaykishan shyamsundar, the simplest is to use two different Stream Name Groups, and call them with the ngrp: prefix - see

That is supposed that you’re using Wowza Transcoder. If you have an external transcoder and all streams with the different bitrates are sent to Wowza separately, then you could create two separate SMIL files.

Thanks for the repsonse. We use external transcoder to stream and abr is done at wowza end to save transcoder license cost.

Pls suggest

In that case, create or generate two separate SMIL files

can i have each smil under diff application ?

And both smil can be used simultaneously

One of my teammate says if aimultaneously accessed it will throw error

Can i have each smil under diff application?

Yes, it’s not necessary, but possible. I would not know why concurrent access would cause trouble.

wevare using multi drm using conax.

Should still not be a problem. If you have identified that Conax’s modules cause trouble with concurrent access, then it’s best to contact Conax