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Archive method Delete not working with stream names containing slashes

I have a server with version 4.6.0 with a live Application with nDVR.

The stream names we have contain slashes (grouped in directories), mostly to group streams by channel because we use ABR.

As stated in thread - , you don’t support slashes in stream names, and replace them with “_” in nDVR store

For example:

stream name - live-cdn/definst/rtpencoder/channel1/

ndvr store - /dvrstore/live-cdn/definst/

You could support the use of slashes, it’s a useful way to organize the content, but it’s OK.

Nevertheless, if you use DVR Archive Strategy Delete, when the encoder restarts, the store isn’t deleted and a message appears in log:

2017-01-25 09:30:30 WET comment server WARN 200 - DeleteArchivedStreamStoreRunnable [live-cdn/definst/rtpencoder/channel1/] : Unable to delete ‘/dvrstore/live-cdn/definst/rtpencoder/channel1/’. - - - 34257.92 - - - - - - - - - - - - – - - - - - - - - - - -

Seems like the Delete Method to archive, don’t replace the slashes to find the store.

Maybe it’s a bug. Is possible to use the Delete method with this stores?


Hello David,

If you are still facing this same issue please do submit a support ticket here:

I do want to provide an alternative option here:

There are also some API approaches that you can implement for your workflow.

You can use the nDVR API to start and stop the stream, and to change the stream name.

You can also get a handle on the IDvrFileSystem in a custom module and delete the file system. This is similar to the method used by the DELETE archive strategy, which you can use in a custom workflow.

IDvrStreamStore store = dvrManager.getRecordingStreamStore();IDvrFileSystem fs = store.getFileSystem();fs.deleteFileSystem();


Jason Hatchett