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AS3 / Flex / Air Streaming Developer urgently required


We have a Flash AS3 based Elearning application that has webcam recording and playback using Wowza/FMS (depending on installation) for recording and streaming, a handful of different questions types and a simple teacher feedback messaging system.

We need to add a new AS3 / Flex / Adobe Air (for mobile) developer to our team. The first task is to disable a navigation menu and optimize the camera controlling/recording code for the AS3 browser based Flash client. After that, we’ll be able to offer more work if you are able to handle the first tasks.


  • You should have excellent AS3 (4yrs+) and Flex skills

  • Have experience with audio/video recording using AS3 and media servers

  • Some mobile app development experience is preferred but not essential

  • Have experience with large Flex projects.

  • Let us know if you have done similar work.

    Operating System in use

    The backend uses amfphp, php and mysql - largely on Linux. Streaming servers include Wowza 2+/FMS 3+. Media server code is largely complete, but future development is expected for secure streaming.

    Timescales/Delivery date

    We’re looking for someone to fix the first 2 issues within 1-2 weeks and rest of work within a month. We have developers who can help with getting the projects working in Flex, and some guidance about where to solve issues in code.


    Please let us know your hourly rate, and whether you offer fixed quotes.

    Please feel free to PM me or e-mail me at: