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Asynchronous HTTP requests


My application communicates with a web server that does things like authentication and billing. When one or more clients connect to an instance of the application, some actions of a client may lead to the application contacting the web server with an HTTP request.

For example, the client clicks a button which calls a server-side method which sends some info to the web server. In FMS, such requests are asynchronous. So, the server application is not blocked for processing other client requests. It seems that Wowza will block execution of the client’s thread until the web server returns an answer.

I’m using HTTPUtils for the HTTP request. Is there a way to have HTTPUtils work asynchronously by passing a callback? Is there another HTTP class that can do the job?


Sander Kruger

You can use Java HTTPClient in a Wowza module. Take a look at this article:


this do not work anymore with Wowza 4


It should still work in Wowza Streaming Engine 4.x.

Wowza Streaming Engine now includes the Apache HTTPClient 4.1.1 as part of the built in rest service. The version shipped is not the very latest HTTPClient so it will conflict if you try to use a later version.

You should be able to build your module using the builtin classes for reference.