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Attempting to stream to chromecast device (ccd)

Hi, I am attempting to stream videos-on-demand (VOD) to a ChromeCast Device (CCD). According to CCD documentation at, they support the following protocols.

  • MP4

  • WebM

    They have experimental support for adaptive bitrate streaming (ABR) protocols too.


  • SmoothStreaming

  • HTTP Live Streaming

    However, the development effort to support ABR is non-trivial and in the interest of time, is NOT the way we want to go right now.

    In the ChromeCast application demos available on GitHub, it seems that by simply pointing to a MP4 file, CCD is able to play the file. For example, if I pass in this URL, CCD can play the content.


    Is it possible to configure Wowza to expose the mp4 files directly? The following are examples of URLs that I have generated, but CCD cannot play.

  • rtsp:// works for native Android media player

  • should theoretically work (ABR)

    So, if it is possible to configure Wowza to expose the mp4 files directly, how would I do this configuration? I would expect that the URL would then look something like the following.


    Of course, I would still love it if we can expose the MP4 files “directly” and still apply logic from Modules (e.g. security). So really, a URL like the following is what I am really after.


    Any help is appreciated.

No, this is not possible with Wowza. You can of course do this (progressive download) from a web server, but that does not support ABR (which requires a server to perform switches requested by a client), or any of the other benefits of a streaming server.