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ATTN: We Now Support WebRTC Ingest in Wowza Streaming Cloud!

We’re happy to announce that Wowza Streaming Cloud now supports Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) streaming.

Traditionally known for real-time peer-to-peer communications, Wowza Streaming Cloud gives users the ability to scale beyond one-to-one connections for global delivery.

This new feature allows you to capture browser-based live videos, ingest to Wowza Streaming Cloud for transcoding or transmuxing, and distribute to an audience of any size, from hundreds to tens of thousands or more — all with the proven reliability of Wowza Streaming Cloud.

This is not a two-way connection as you can set up in Wowza Streaming Engine, but it will allow you to send a WebRTC stream to Cloud over UDP. From there, it will need to be transcoded or transmuxed to another protocol for distribution.

No need to upgrade or enable anything. WebRTC is automatically enabled with your Wowza Streaming Cloud account. But, you will need to select “adaptive bitrate” as the transcoder type in Cloud. It will NOT work if you select “passthrough”.

For more information on Wowza Streaming Cloud with WebRTC see:

For information on how to connect using the Streaming Cloud REST API: