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Audio only broadcast to generic OS apps? Wirecast > Wowza > Itunes / WMP?

Hi there.

I’m looking to setup an audio-only stream on my site, seperate to our flash-player delivered audiovisual content.

While wowza can restream shoutcast/icecast, does anyone happen to know if I can simply add another encoder in wirecast, stream that to wowza, and then provide a url people can open with their standard itunes/windows media player?

Would save a fair bit of hassle!


the only thing I can suggest is a module I wrote that takes a RTMP stream, strips audio if it audio/video, and then re-streams it to a Shoutcast server ( or another RTMP stream ), so that way you can have one RTMP encoder and feed into a server capable or supporting Windows Media Player (ASX file) or Itunes.



I don’t think iTunes and Windows Media Player is supported. You can do iOS vod streams to WMP, is the only thing I know of.

You can send an audio only stream from Wirecast and play it on Flash, iOS and RTSP players. (Won’t work in Silverlight).