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Audio Only Webcast, Radio Like

I know there are many post of various aspects of this and I was wondering if there was anyone that has done this and can share completely how to accomplish this.

I am wanting to use JWPlayer to stream a playlist of music, much like a radio.

I know there a ServerListenerStreamPublisher that should help with this using a SMIL file.

Can someone show me an example of what the SMIL file should look like, what the JWPlayer code should be to stream to multiple devices and maybe an easier way to understand how to use the ServerListenerStreamPublisher and load it in the the Streaming Engine 4.

Thank you!!

Hi there.

You can follow this guide for the scheduler and setting up the .smil. It should be pretty straight forward:

How to schedule streaming with Wowza Streaming Engine (ServerListenerStreamPublisher)

For JW Player take a look at these guides:

This for setting up the .smil code:

How to use JW Player with adaptive bitrate streaming from Wowza Streaming Engine

And code here for HLS (iOS devices) the 3rd example on the page:

How to use JW Player with Wowza Streaming Engine

I believe the only way to do this is to use .mp4 files in audio-only mode as Wowza only supports the “video” element and not the “audio” element in the .smil file

If you require anymore help then you should consider posting to the find a consultant forum

Hope this helps.