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Audio Problem in Video recording using MP4Writer in iOS.

Hi Support,

I am facing an issue when video is recorded using MP4Writer in iOS. When we play saved stream on android player its audio is muted but same stream is playing fine on iOS with no audio issue.

I shared a sample video with you in following link:

Can you tell us why are we facing an audio issue on android? Is there some configuration issue on iOS side?

We are waiting for your response.


Hi Rose,

No, This is another issue related to recorded stream using iOS device i-e iPhone7+, iPhone X, iPhone XS Max, when we played recorded stream on Samsung S9+ or any other android devices then audio gets muted. Can you check following Link on android video player then you will have the idea about the audio muted issue.


Ok, I’ll look into with the SDK team.

Hello @Frederick Ackroyd

This sounds likely like an audio codec issue. Can you confirm that you see this issue with multiple iOS devices?

Also what Android device and Android OS version are you testing for playback of this MP4 stream?



Hello Jason,

Thanks for your answer. We have never faced the audio codec issue on iOS platform, but we have faced the audio codec issue on android latest devices like Pixel 3XL(Android P), Samsung S10+(Android P), Samsung S9+(Android P), Pixel 2XL(Android P) etc.