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Auto Converting Source Files into needed resolutions

Hi there, so we’re running Streaming Engine and currently I’m just running our scheduled playback through a transcoder to take the 1080 source and put the files into the different resolutions for adaptive bitrate.

However does Wowza have a method of setting up a watch folder and automatically transcoding the source file into the needed formats? Or what solutions do you guys use? The workflow comes from both Davinci Resolve and Premier plus some outside sources. Is there a recommended solution you guys are using to automatically create the different resolutions needed?

Should we be doing something with Adobe Encoder and a watch folder or is there a solution you’d recommend using. Our Wowza application is based on an ESXi system so I could virtualize another type of Linux based product that is connected to a shared folder that Wowza has access to?

Also we would like to eventually develop a solution based on the Wowza engine where end users can upload content the system would then process the different resolutions and eventually a webpage would be available to play the videos from. This aspect of the project would seem to require far more backend development beyond what Wowza offers correct?

I believe what you’re asking to do is possible through Streaming Cloud where that product would automatically create the ABR files for you as well as a hosted page for playback, but let me confirm as far as the system details you shared. Be back shortly…

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I’m here and I apologize! Let me get an answer for you today.

Ok here is the info you need @Edrick_Smith :

A. Streaming Engine

You can dynamically create the SMIL file for ABR using Streaming Engine’s JAVA API and an HTTP provider. We do not provide the hosted page in Engine for playback.

Here is the article:

Take a peek at this too:

B. Streaming Cloud

Incoming stream files will be automatically processed for all the renditions needed for ABR streaming and will include a hosted page as well for playback.

With the basic live stream workflow, Wowza Streaming Cloud creates output renditions automatically based on the resolution of source video. The higher the resolution of the source video, the more output renditions Wowza Streaming Cloud transcodes.

You can edit or remove renditions in the Wowza Streaming Cloud advanced mode, but generally speaking, you should prepare a source encode that allows Wowza Streaming Cloud to automatically deliver suitable, high-quality streams across any kind of client connection, to any device.

Keep in mind that in Streaming Cloud, in the manager or in the REST API, you have the choice to either select Passthrough or Adaptive Bitrate which tells the transcoder if you want to pass through a single bitrate same as the source video or create various renditions of the source stream for ABR.

If you choose Passthrough as your live stream type, Wowza Streaming Cloud does not create adaptive bitrate renditions based on the video source’s aspect ratio.