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Auto delete a Playback recording after 24 hours.

Using the SDK and Woza player we are wanting to record the live streaming feed and only have it available for 24 hours then the recording will be deleted.

We planned on live streaming only so this leaves me with two questions.

Two questions.
How do we set up the recordings?
How do we set the auto delete?

Thank you

Are you using Wowza Streaming Engine or Wowza Streaming Cloud @Greg Anderson?

@Rose Power We are planning on using the Wowza Streaming Cloud.

We currently do not offer a way to auto delete recorded streams. You’d have to manually look in the Cloud Manager to see how old they are and delete or use the Cloud Rest API to check how old they are and delete.

You can record live streams @Greg Anderson through the Streaming Cloud Manager or you can record them using the Streaming Cloud REST API.

  1. Through the UI

  2. Through the Streaming Cloud REST API