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Auto redirect encoder to server wi least active transcoding sessions

I would like to create a virtual IP that front-ends a pool of streaming servers and use this virtual IP or DNS as the hosts on my encoder. I would also like the encoder to automatically know which server has the least amount of active transcoding sessions and send the encoded stream out to that server.

Is this possible?

I would also like to write a server-side module that simply counts the number of active transcoding sessions on the server and returns it as an integer using an HTTP Provider module. I know this is possible but don’t know where to start. Could you help me get started with this?


There is not really any way to do that out-of-the-box. Best route there would be DNS round robin or DNS load balancing. There are DNS systems out there that you can feed info back into, to help make that determination.

You can use REST API to get the number of current Transcoder sessions on a server.

If you need assistance with this you can post a request to the find a consultant forum.