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Auto-start stream with Wowza Player?

Hi there -

My nonprofit is streaming a pre-recorded benefit concert tomorrow and we’re using (set up as other RTMP) with the wowza player.

While I was able to test the connection and everything works, the issue is that if the user is on the page, waiting for it to start, they have to press play…

How can I get the stream to automatically start?

I did try using the countdown feature in the wowza player, however the timing was off. Both and wowza had the exact same time, but wowza started early.

I’m technically-inclined, but not experienced with this world at all.

Thanks for your help!

Hi @William_Martin2, welcome to our community! :grinning:

We do offer autoplay in the Wowza Player , but the support for it depends on the browser’s policy. Most will allow autoplay on mute. It’s configured in the player settings-we provide all the requirements for this feature here in this doc:

This chart is from 2019 however, so you may need to check a certain browser’s rules for autoplay.