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Auto start transcode to m3u8 url


I dont know if it is possible, but I want to use WOWZA for my webpage to transcode in different qualities, its a webpage like a twitch, and I need to know if it’s possible:

  1. The streamer will get a rtmp url of the wowza and a streamkey that provides my webpage to stream automatic and create de m3u8
  2. Make automatic the streams and check if the streamkey exist in my webpage to start automatic and change the stream configuration


For 1., A stream key can either be a stream name that Wowza will manage as an unique identifier.
For 2. Wowza can do custom transcoder based on frame size or if only specific renditions are needed. This will need to involve our Wowza Professional Services Team to partner with you to build out. Here’s a link on how to contact them:

Thanks for your response!

So, Is there any way to modify the script of the application to start automatic the transcode to .m3u8 when a new stream is received in wooza? I need to do without a previous configuration, it should do the stream config automatic, p.e: User create a stream in my web to generate a streamkey WOWZA receive the stream by OBS with a streamkey and checks in my API REST, if it is correct and get some config before to start transcoding to a unique .m3u8

I want to know if it is possible

@JordiTomas As soon as the live stream (stream key) is pushed to Wowza by OBS, the transcoder will automatically start, if enabled:

If you need to delay the transcoder to check an incoming stream, I would just validate the stream key, then hand that off to OBS. Then when it broadcast to Wowza Streaming Engine, it will be transcoded.