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Automatically Starting the Stream Using Teradek Vidiu

Is there a way where we can have our employees trigger the stream they are connected to on Wowza Streaming Cloud to automatically trigger the server to start and stop when they start and stop the stream on the Vidiu device? I’d like to avoid a two step process of logging into Wowza, starting the server, then going to the device and starting the stream.

Other services we use the server is “always on” so we don’t have to worry about starting and stopping the server manually.

I see an option in the Vidiu for “Auto Start” but that does not seem to work…



I answered this in your support request, however, for the forum I wanted to put it out there. We do not have an “Auto Start” feature for other encoders at this time. This is an option if you are working in the Wowza Streaming Engine > Wowza Streaming Cloud workflow.

What you can do is enable the API in the Wowza Streaming Cloud interface and provide your employees in the field with a curl command for “start” and a curl command for “Stop”. This is outlined further in this article.

I hope this helps.