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Automating YouTube Live


I am implementing my engine server to do live streaming to YouTube and have quickly found that this is going to be a tedious task.

Is it possible for streaming engine to get the stream name generated by YouTube for a newly created live event and input said stream name into a stream target or possibly the event it self becoming available and select able when creating a stream target?

For background wirecast does this. When you sign in with your YouTube account you can select your event that you want to stream too, making the process simpler than having to copy and past the stream key and update a target every time you go live.

In my application we will be streaming about 3 - 4 live events a week all with individual Teradek encoders for each stream.

Having to do all of this name changing will get tired fast! Any help is greatly appreciated!

Hello Matthew,

Unfortunately we don’t query YouTube to obtain the stream name/key. YouTube does have their own API though so it may be possible to do this programatically. There’s a post in StackOverflow that suggests this should work.

Once you have that info then you can create stream targets in Wowza using the REST API, so any data that you have available to construct a stream target can be automated via scripts making REST API calls.

Please see the following article for some examples of using REST API with Wowza Streaming Engine.



Thank you, Paul.

I will look into it.

Hi @Matthew Webster

I have a very similar task that I want to archieve.

I have 8 cameras that whenever they are turned on, then they stream to youtube via Wowza (RTSP).

I have preconfigure 8 stream targets on Youtube, but whenever a camera has been offline for an hour or so, the live stream is closed on Youtube. So I need to check if there already is an active live stream, and if not then create one and start the live broadcast.

Very challenging for a guy like me that isn’t very good in JAVA i have to admit.

Please let me know if you make any progress.

Thanks Kent