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AV1 and VP9 support

Does wowza devices has AV1 and VP9 support ?

and any apple device supports AV1 and VP9 Video codec stream ?
Please let us know which are they

No info on AV1 (perhaps @Rose_Wowza can say. VP9 support seem to be there in


Also from the info i can see on the web Apple isn’t ready for AV1 or VP9.


@Rose_Wowza by when we can get support of av1 and vp9 in HLS in wowza ?
It under development ?

No plans for AV1 on the 2022 roadmap. It could be that it’s still not in huge demand within the industry, but not to say we won’t look at it in 2023.

Apple jumped on the HEVC bandwagon in June 2017 but joined the Alliance for Open Media (AOM) in 2018. It still doesn’t support either VP9 or AV1 in the Safari browser, and it’s impossible to predict whether it will embrace the three new MPEG codecs

This is still where we stand despite the 2021 blog date. Hope that helps!

And now Rose ? Iphone 15 have AV1 Hw process.