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AvMixModule mixing problem of different mediacasters


I try to mux audio stream comming from rtsp with a shoutcast stream using AVMuxing mod.

I sucessfully started video merge but cannot combine it with audio. How can i mux video in application named “live” with audio from app called “audio”?

The problem is here:

IMediaStream localIMediaStream = this.appInstance.getStreams().getStream(this.audioName);

It searches for audio stream in itself context, which is not possible.

Maybe fix it this way?

IApplicationInstance audioInstance = application.getAppInstance("audio");
IMediaStream localIMediaStream = audioInstance .getStreams().getStream(this.audioName);

This is of course just a stub.

I cannot use in same app both rtp-live and shoutcast mediacaster. How to avoid that?


Hello Marcin

I’d suggest restarting Wowza and running your use-case once more. Then zip up your conf/ and logs/ folders and sending them to If you made any changes to the module itself (from the default), please indicate as such upon submission and include the jar file.