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AWS instance recommended - 2000 simultaneous with Wowza CDN

What type of AWS instance is recommended for a Wowza Streaming Engine server for events up to 2000 simultaneous up to 1000kbps, 1920x1080p adaptive with transcorder and using Wowza CDN Delivery?

Using Wowza CDN I don’t need to use load balance?


Please clarify: Do you need to broadcast to 2000 clients (many devices/people watching a stream) or do you intend to serve 2000 live sources (i.e. 2000 IP cameras, encoders, or similar)?

My assumption would be that you’re serving one stream to ~2000 clients. As such, I would suggest using Wowza Streaming Cloud, which is the most simple, effective approach. More detail here:

If your requirements are more complex, please add detail so we can help you identify the best Wowza solution to meet your need.