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AWS/Wowza and JWPlayer Stream Issue

I’ve setup a Wowza instance on AWS and successfully feeding it my axis camera stream. The wowza test players work fine and I’m also able to view the stream on my laptop via VLC player but I’m not able to see my stream on the free JWPlayer. I’ve setup a free account and enter the url under quick publish as demonstrated in the wowza help doc 484 but the preview windows just says “error loading player: no playable sources found”.

Are there additional settings needed for JWPlayer that are not covered in the 484 doc?

Free version of JWplayer do not support HLS. Try buying their premium version, it works then.

Hello bthester,

Were you having the issue with Flash or HTML5 version of the JW player?

Are you using Wowza Transcoder to create any renditions of the original stream?

If you are not, then the message in the JW player could be related to the stream that is being re-packetized by Wowza and sent off to the player. It is possible the player is unable to playback stream that is encoded by the camera, and it needs to be re-encoded by Wowza Transcoder.