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Azure CDN with no http origin mode enabled

I wanted to know

  • can we use the Azure CDN with WOWZA without enabling HTTPLiveOrigin mode in Wowza
  • if yes what is different when we enable HttpOrigin mode and when is it not enabled
  • if not why it will not work, is there any restriction that WOWZA has applied that other CDNs cannot use the playback URLs created in the WOWZA

Hello @Fahad Rehman, it’s possible to let the Azure CDN pull a stream from a Wowza Application without enabling HTTP Origin Mode, but there’s a big chance that it’ll conflict with the caching feature in the CDN (which is one of the biggest reasons to get a CDN in the first place)

This article may give you more insight in the HTTP Origin Mode and how Wowza functions as a caching origin: