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Azure Windows PAID Licence not working

Hi, I set up Wowza Streaming Engine (Windows PAID). I changed the login user and password. I restarted wowza services. When I login the home page I see wowza not licenced. My wowza setup image that Windows PAID as you see below. What is the problem? I cerated Windows PAID Wowza virtual machines twice with release 4.7 and those are succesfull before. Please check your wowza setup image.

provisioningState": “Creating”,

“storageProfile”: {

“dataDisks”: [],

“imageReference”: {

“exactVersion”: “4.8.0”,

“offer”: “wowzastreamingengine”,

“publisher”: “wowza”,

“sku”: “windows-paid”,

“version”: “4.8.0”


Hello Fahri,

I created a case for the Customer Experience team to work with you on correcting this issue.