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Backup encoder support

Hi there,

We are implementing new feature in our platform to be able to support backup encoder in case of primary encoder failure. The final goal is to have primary backup encoder support for hls streaming.

The way we implemented it is with the usage of wowza API. Playlist playback will start with the main stream. It will automatically switch over to the backup stream if the main stream becomes unavailable, and again to the main stream (if available) if the backup itself becomes unavailable. After these steps, if both become unavailable we have added unavailable-stream next in the playlist. We have proven that these cases work for us:

Playback works from the Wowza link, primary should be playing VALIDATED
Switching happens with reasonable delay (ideally max 20-30 seconds of HLS) without user intervention VALIDATED
Killing primary stream moves automatically to backup - VALIDATED
Killing backup moves automatically to primary - VALIDATED
Killing both primary and backup goes to looping unavailable stream - VALIDATED

The question here is if there is a more sophisticated way of implementing primary-backup encoder switch and do you see any issues with the above approach.


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We have an identical modus operandi implemented. Everything works flawlessly. It would be best if all the streams used were of identical parameters /resolution, bitrate, etc./. You can combine basically anything… live from an encoder, an IP camera or a video file.