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behavior of per-stream streamTimeout vs. StreamValidator stream-timeout

I am setting a per-stream timeout that is greater than the StreamValidator timeout (as is described here, but the logs still indicate connection reset attempts at the time benchmarks specified by the StreamValidator timeouts. I would expect the per-stream timeout to override the StreamValidator timeout specification.

Does someone who has experience setting per-stream timeouts have any insights?

I checked with an advanced Wowza engineer and was told the validator is a different timeout as originally you had to turn it on, now it on by default.

Also the validator is really for mediacaster streams where the other stream timeout is for all streams. They are independent.

Thanks! Does that mean the per-stream timeout will never be honored since the StreamValidator timeout will always override it, @Rose Power-Wowza Community Manager?

I’m being told whichever is lower wins. Does that help?