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Best approach to multiple streams at same time

I’m developing a website where every user can create their own live stream. We want to create the stream in a very simple way. The user will receive:

  • RTMP url

  • Stream key

  • username and password

I want to every stream to be transcoded in 1080p, 720p and 480p (for example), and without DVR. For now we will only have 3 ou 4 streamings at the same time, but in future we hope to have more, we will cover events and an event can have more than 1 camera at the same time.

In resume:

  • one or more users each user with one or more cameras.

What is the best approach to create the live streams?

  • create an application per user and if the user have more than one camera use a different “stream key” per camera

  • create an application per user and per camera

  • only one application for every user and a “stream key” different for each camera of each user

  • other

Other question is possible one application receive multiple streams (stream key) and transcode every one, in my test with transcode activated only the first stream received is transcoded, the others I get only the feed from the camera.


If you plan to have the same transcoding, nDVR and other settings the same Application would probably work fine. It maybe easier to monitor and track usage if they each user is assigned their own Application. If you plan to use DRM with your workflow to provide stream key’s this might also easier to manage on a per-Application basis.

You might be running into a License Key limitation with your transcoding tests. The Trial License key is restricted to one transcoding instance.

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