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Best playback protocol for real time interaction (thousands viewers)


I’m looking for a solution for a PPV video platform with a real time interaction (interactive chat): to be able to have streams with a latency of less than 3 seconds, we use rtmp for ingest.

I saw that the Webrtc solution was the fastest but the least scalable and that it poses a problem when there are more than 300 viewers (I don’t want to use the CDN solution, I want to host my data myself).

My question is what is the playback protocol to use (without cdn) to have the least latency knowing that I will have maybe 100 different streams with sometimes thousand viewers on each stream.

Which protocol do you recommend?

Hello and welcome to our forums!

The only option for you with Wowza would be through Wowza Video and our real-time streaming at scale (rts@s) feature. It’s built to handle WebRTC up to a million viewers and you can integrate live chat. You can have RTMP input with WebRTC playback.

This feature needs to be added on to to a Wowza Video account and is considered an additional paid feature to the standard Wowza Video license.

If you are thinking of hosting hundreds of WebRTC streams on your own host with thousands of viewers, that is not possible considering the bandwidth and CPU required for WebRTC. There are WebRTC CDNs that can handle that workload and Wowza Video uses one.

Any other option for you with Engine will indeed require using a CDN for distribution and it will be HLS once you go over 300 connections. So again your only option (through Wowza anyways) is Wowza Video real-time streaming at scale.

Normally RTSP (mobile) & WebRTC (desktop & mobile) is best suitable for PPV platforms with two-way interactions. It just so happens that this article was recently written to provide people with an insight into the same. Perhaps it will help you.